Vunit Logistics Pvt. Ltd. provides the primary infrastructure for setting up a manufacturing plant like a covered warehouse, utilities, and even labour. The customer provides capital equipment and initial training staff according to requirements. As the capital equipment is to be used inside the SEZ, it does not attract any import duties (if non-Indian origin equipment) or local taxes (if Indian origin equipment). Vunit Logistics Pvt. Ltd. procures necessary raw material based on order quantity specified by the customer. As this is to be processed inside the SEZ, it does not attract any duties or taxes. The customer retains ownership of all capital assets as well as the finished goods at all times. Vunit Logistics Pvt. Ltd. only provides manufacturing services. The end product can be freely exported to any third country without attracting local taxes or duties within India.

  • International companies can leverage the vast and economical skilled labour market of India without having to go through the hassle of forming a local company.
  • All input taxes and duties are eliminated from all capital goods and raw material.
  • Vunit Logistics Pvt. Ltd. assumes all the liability of local compliances including labour licenses, environmental clearances, etc.
  • No restrictions on export
  • Sale of the end product in India or outside will not attract any income tax for the customer

Manufacturing Activities

Repair & Return
Chemical Plants
Refrigerant Gas Filling
Bench Check
Sea Food Processing